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Magic Internet Money

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Press "start mining" to use your computer power to get some magic internet money for me. Thank you!

~~~~~ $$$ ~~~~~

What the hell is this?!

Maybe you heard of this magic internet money called bitcoin. It's that great idea about a decentralized currency. And you probably heard that it is worth some dollars. That's because people belive that this could change the world, somehow. I also belive in this idea, thats why I would like to get some of this magic internet money.

So how does it work?

The crypto currency, thats how the magic internet money is also called, will be produced when a computer solves mathematical puzzles. Solving those puzzles is also called mining. So instead of printing numbers on a paper, computers generate money through mining. When you press the "start mining" above, your computer will start solving those puzzles and will mine some internet money. The "hashes/s" is a unit and means something like solved puzzles per second.

In our case, we are not mining bitcoins. Next to bitcoins there are several other crypto currencies, each with it's own ideas and benefits. The miner on this website uses Monero, it's a crypto currency designed for privacy and security. Minero is also more efficient to mine on a website than other currencies.

But why should I mine for you?

Maybe because I said please and thank you, my mom said that helps. But you don't have to. I mostly done this out of curiosity and not to earn a lot of money. But should I really achieve the minimal payout, I would try to use it in the laundry around the corner.

~~~~~ $$$ ~~~~~


The goal is to get the minimum payout of 0.02 XMR (Monero). Minus the transaction fees this will be about ~1$.

0.000000 XMR / 0.02 XMR
~~~~~ $$$ ~~~~~